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The best time to meet with agents face-to-face

E-mail’s convenient, but some information is best shared face-to-face. Here are five circumstances when managers need to personally talk to agents.

These circumstances and issues call for a one-on-one, says author and consultant Stacey Hanke:

  • Listening has stopped. When an agent doesn’t seem to be absorbing requests, training or coaching, meet personally to find out what has him or her distracted.
  • Boredom has set in. Talk about new challenges for an apparently bored agent.
  • Conflict has arisen. If two or more agents can’t work out a dispute, it’s time to get involved, meeting with each of them personally and then as a group.
  • Written communication has failed. When an agent can’t or doesn’t follow written instructions, it’s a good time to walk them through it again.
  • Money or time is an issue. Salary, vacation, flex-time and terminations should be discussed behind closed doors.

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