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The 5 best customer experience stories … ever

We present to you the five most popular stories ever published on Customer Experience Insight

22 things you should never say to customers

There are dozens of things you can say to customers that come across as condescending, flippant or tacky – things that will destroy the customer experience instantly. No matter how you communicate with customers, you want to avoid these words. Check ’em out …


16 Customer Service Week ideas to pull your celebration together

The customer experience, and everyone involved in making it happen, are all about to get their due. Are you ready to celebrate National Customer Service Week? We have ideas to pull it all together now. Get them …


7 examples of body language that destroy sales

When it comes to communication, body language is just as important as the words you speak. And poor body language will cost you sales, no matter how great your pitch is. Here’s what to avoid …


Customers want more: 5 new expectations you must meet now

Customer expectations are rising faster than steroid use in Major League Baseball (MLB) – and companies are responding even slower than the MLB. Wait much longer to meet customers’ new expectations and your company may see its reputation tarnished, too. Here’s what they want …


The No. 1 reason customers stay or leave

Customers are bombarded with more attractive offers all the time. They see better deals based on price, quality or service. Yet those are not the factors that cause them to switch from – or encourage them to stay with – a company, according to new research. What does is …

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