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The 4 times when you must be there for customers

Some moments are more important than others when it comes to building and maintaining customer relationships. Here the most crucial times — and how to make the best of them.

Organizations and their front-line service and sales professionals must be ready, willing and friendly when customers expect the most.

If those moments are handled right, customers will happily move forward in their journey with the company, according to recent research from LivePerson, an online marketing and analytics company.

When to act, react

When asked, customers said these are the most critical times for someone to be available for them:

  • When they want to buy (41%)
  • The actual purchase moment (35%)
  • After a purchase when they need support or experience a problem (35%), and
  • At a pre-purchase stage, like when they are having trouble logging into an account (26%).

Be there or be square

If you’re not available to help quickly during those moments, you can lose credibility. Almost 45% of customers in the LivePerson study said they’ll feel a loss of trust if someone isn’t there to support their needs — whether they’re questions, concerns or problems.

Also, the research found customers want more mobile support. They constantly have their mobile devices at arm’s reach and use them to ask questions, search for products and even make calls to service for product support.

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