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Ten biggest complaints customers make about salespeople

Here are the 10 leading complaints buyers make about salespeople,  according to a survey by the Institute for Supply Management, formerly known as the National Association of Purchasing Management:

  1. Lack of preparation. Buyers hate salespeople who waste their time by calling without clear purposes and don’t have a basic knowledge of their respective industries.
  2. Lack of information. Buyers are critical of salespeople who don’t know their products and can’t answer simple questions.
  3. Aggressiveness. They’re turned off by “pushy” salespeople who argue and “care more about their commissions than meeting the needs of their customers.”
  4. Lack of dependability. They cite as negative examples salespeople who do not return call promptly or fail to do what they promise after getting the sale.
  5. Poor follow-through. They express disgust with having to call salespeople several times either to get information the salesperson promised to provide earlier or to get them to live up to previous commitments.
  6. Presumptuousness. Many are offended by salespeople asking for proprietary information, such as competitors’ prices.
  7. Walk-ins. They object to salespeople who waste their time by making calls before doing a “needs analysis” showing why their product or service is appropriate.
  8. Gabbers. They dislike compulsive talkers who go on and on and don’t listen when asked specific questions.
  9. Accountability. They object to salespeople who are always there in good times but disappear when problems develop, sometimes leaving customers holding the bag.
  10. Lack of personal respect. They object to salespeople who try to go around or over them to get to another decision-maker and make a sale.

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