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How breaking tech etiquette rules can hurt your career

Professionalism is often lost in technology – from email and text to cell phones and social media – these days. And it just might hurt your career.

That’s right. Don’t think that talking too loudly or often on a cell phone or disregarding grammar and spelling in email goes unnoticed.

More than 75% of managers say breaking technology etiquette rules will either greatly or somewhat affect a person’s career, a Robert Half International survey recently found.

Here are the most important tech rules to follow in the workplace:

  • Don’t gripe about your job on social media. It’s in bad taste. Take issues directly to the boss.
  • Put your cell phone on silent during office hours. Avoid taking personal calls at your desk. Leave the cell phone at your desk while in meetings.
  • Watch your grammar and spelling. Short, abbreviated messages are OK for texting and instant messages. Email should remain professional with proper grammar and spelling.
  • Get up. If you’re exchanging more than five email messages go talk to the person or make a call.

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