Customer Experience News & Trends

Want to improve the customer experience? Act like a startup

Author Karen Lamb wrote, “A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” It’s a mindset the fastest-growing startups have taken toward the customer experience. And any organization that wants to improve the customer experience will want to take it up, too. 

5 reasons customer surveys fail — and what you need to do now

Nearly everyone surveys customers. Who does it effectively is another story altogether.

A 3,000-mile, 50-day trip that will revolutionize the customer experience

The experience is almost always better when customers get personalized, face-to-face time with employees. One company takes this theory so seriously that executives piled into an RV and took a 50-day, 3,000-mile trip to meet its customers.

The power of a great customer experience on your bottom line

Giving a great customer experience must be your first business goal. Getting customers to talk about it should be the second. It could have a serious impact on your business’ bottom line.

Think your small company’s immune to online ridicule? No way

Because of their size, small companies believe they’re immune to the perils of online ridicule. But research proves they have reason to fear it.

Customers speak: This is what a bad experience looks like

When it comes to experiences with companies, customers revealed what bad ones look like.

6 customer service mistakes that can (and did) destroy business

Great customer service will lift up any company. But poor service will drive it to the bowels of business hell even quicker. 

Choosing the right chat solution for your contact center

Chat isn’t just for the biggest and most advanced contact centers anymore. This guide can help you find the right solution for your contact center – no matter its size.

3 strategies to keep the customers you have

If Sales get customers, and Service keeps them, you probably have your work cut out for you.