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19 ways to sell more to existing customers

Customers are feeling pressure to get more done with less, so many of them are reducing the number of companies they do business with. At the same time, companies are urging their salespeople to increase sales to present customers.

22 ways to add value to your social media experience

We write a lot about customers’ increasing appetite for social media. How can you possibly fill that hunger? Here are 22 ideas.

Powerful, low-cost marketing tactics you can try today

Getting customers to know your name and good service reputation can bolster sales and delight more customers. That’s where marketing can make the difference. 

10 ways customers will try to lower your prices

Much like sales reps are given tips to overcome customers’ price objections, customers are given strategies to get the lowest prices possible.

Opening cold calls with the right message

Ask any salesperson what part of selling they most dislike, and this will probably be their answer: cold-calling. 

There are 4 types of customers: How to treat each one

Selling is similar to gambling in many ways. Success in both business and gambling requires good information, steely nerves, patience and the ability to stay cool. 

What do you look like through customers’ eyes?

The decisive factor in any sale is the customer’s receptivity to what you’re offering. Viewing the sale through your customers’ eyes is a great way to pinpoint objections or clear up any perception problems. 

5 questions to establish the value you bring to customers

Two pickle vendors were competing on the Lower East Side of New York City in the early 1900s. A man walks into Joe’s Pickles and inquiries about prices. “Pickles are two for a nickel,” Joe responds. The man says, “For a nickel I can get three pickles at Sam’s.” Joe responds, “So buy your pickles at […] [MORE]

4 things you need to know about today’s customers

Customers have higher expectations of the people and organizations they do business with today. 

Change the sales conversation and watch sales soar

There is a new order to selling.