Customer Experience News & Trends

There are 4 types of customers: How to treat each one

Selling is similar to gambling in many ways. Success in both business and gambling requires good information, steely nerves, patience and the ability to stay cool. 

Change the sales conversation and watch sales soar

There is a new order to selling. 

9 ways to tell if price is your real problem

Some salespeople use price as an excuse for a poor job selling. But price objections may raise a red flag indicating something else is wrong — and that it’s a deeper problem. 

Keys to successful customer negotiations

Salespeople who walk away with the most deals understand that everything is negotiable. They also recognize that successful negotiation with customers is much broader than the ability to haggle over price or other terms. 

The abbreviated guide to value-added selling

Value-added selling means taking the initiative to proactively look for ways to increase the value of your products or services, as well as yourself, to the customer.

The changing role of the salesperson

In the past, the successful salesperson was a persuader, a features expert in a market where customers had little information, were eager to buy and had limited sources of supply.

Taking the fear out of price

Prospects can sense when salespeople are uneasy and become defensive when discussing price, and they try to take advantage of the situation. So successful salespeople avoid discussing price by focusing on value instead.

3 common myths about adding value for customers

Value is a moving target. It’s anything a particular customer wants it to be at a given time. And the key to adding value is seeing it through a customer’s eyes and selling it that way.