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Why customers are so angry these days

Do customers seem angrier these days? This might be the reason.

6 ways to deal with jerks on the phone

Some customers are jerks – there’s just no nice way to put it. But you have to deal with them, so here are six ways to minimize the pain.

4 ways to make upset customers happy

One wrong word from you, and an upset customer can explode. Say the right thing, and it could be customer bliss.

How to deliver bad news (without upsetting customers)

Can you deliver bad news to customers without upsetting them? Yes – and here’s how.

7 words that can get a crazy conversation back on track

When a conversation with a customer is headed the wrong way, you can reel it back in with seven powerful words.

How many customers are likely to lose their temper?

Contact center agents, beware: More customers than ever are hot under the collar.

What customers hate most about calling your contact center

When you pick up the phone, customers might already be unhappy because …

How to win back unhappy customers

You sense a customer’s upset, but you don’t want to unleash his fury. Try one of these approaches to save the customer.

3 ways to bounce back when someone screwed up

You screwed up and a customer is angry about it. What next? Here’s how to bounce back and keep the customer loyal.