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Twitter and the customer experience: 7 best practices

Would anyone have guessed 10 years ago that a customer experience could be whittled down to 140 characters? Yet today, Twitter can be a powerful tool in creating bold customer relationships.

3 proven ways to connect with younger customers

If you struggle to connect with younger, tech-savvy customers, here’s help.

How small businesses should manage the online experience

Popular thinking suggests you need to have a big online presence if you want customers to know and love you — and the logistics of that can be overwhelming to small businesses. Here’s help in managing the online experience.

Make a good business move out of a bad customer experience

One person who’s having a bad day can wreak havoc on all of your good customer experience efforts. Just ask Whataburger — and see how they turned it around.

Smart, effective ways to use social media in the CX

Social media’s a quick, fun way to connect with customers — and it can become a time-sucking, resource-wasting endeavor. Here’s how to use the platform effectively.

7 social media mistakes that drive customers away

Social media is arguably the best way to interact with the bulk of your customers at one time. But customers can turn against you if you take on some bad social media habits.

3 great ways to handle customer complaints on Twitter

Few things travel faster than bad news — especially when Twitter is the mouthpiece. So when customers take their gripes to the limited-word social media site, you want to get in there fast.

7 customer communication rules that should be revisited

Business relationships are more threatened than enhanced by technology. Here’s why every customer experience professional needs to revisit some business communication rules.

12 best practices in social media customer service

If your business isn’t offering some kind of customer service via social media, you’re missing the boat. Research now proves the benefits are lasting and profitable — and who wouldn’t want in on that?

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Social media mistakes that make you look totally stupid

By now, most companies have adopted social media in some form or another. But many of them haven’t quite nailed down how NOT to look like idiots in “social” settings.