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Revolving door? 4 ways leaders fail contact center hires

If your turnover rate makes it look like someone’s installed a revolving door in the contact center, new research may have found the cause — and leadership could be to blame.

Overcoming the No. 1 cause of sales team turnover

A recent survey of sales managers identified the number one reason for sales turnover. 

Oh $#!+ – a great agent just quit: Now what?

A great agent just quit, leaving a big hole in operations. Here’s what you should’ve done before, and should do now.

4 signs it’s time to get rid of an agent

Not everyone in a contact center is cut out to be there. Here are clear signs it’s time to part ways with agents.

How many of your agents are ready to walk? The surprising answer

Many leaders are turning a blind eye to a growing employee epidemic that can hurt business. Are you one of them?

Don’t let your salespeople see this

Some experts think you should fire a third of your sales force —  and that you should make it an annual practice. 

The top three reasons people leave your contact center

Can’t figure out why your contact center has a revolving door? These are probably the top four reasons.