Customer Experience News & Trends

5 phrases that kill customer loyalty

Say the right thing the wrong way, and customer loyalty may suffer. Say the wrong thing, and loyalty will die. Here’s what to avoid.

Tell customers they aren’t right – without saying, ‘You’re wrong’

A customer is convinced she’s right, and you know she’s not. What now?

Avoid these phrases: They undercut everything you say

Watch out: You may bury your message when you use some all-too-common business buzzwords.

Best ways to deal with 4 difficult customers

Difficult customers come in many forms. But they all can be helped with the right touch.

4 tips for handling awkward conversations

We all face awkward conversations with customers or co-workers at one time or another. Here’s how to handle them.

Say this – not that – to avoid customer rage

A few words can set some customers off the deep end. Here are the worst offenders – plus better choices to get your point across.

Customer won’t shut up? Tactful ways to stop a never-ending conversation

Some customers want to talk and talk and talk … and you need to move on. Here are a few options for doing it tactfully.