Customer Experience News & Trends

Are you really driving customers to action?

Are you doing things that make customers want to buy, learn or interact more? Most customer experience leaders admit that they …

What customers hate — and love — about online service

As much as customers love the convenience of online service, they hate some of the nuances.

Why customers buy & why they don’t: The latest research reveals …

Companies increase their chances of closing sales by understanding their customers’ buying processes and the major factors that affect buying decisions. But it’s equally important for them to avoid the mistakes that most customers find objectionable. 

The top 10 things customer service pros need to be successful in 2015

If you want service pros to deliver really great customer experiences, start by doing more of the things they want. Good news: They aren’t asking for much.

Recipe for better experiences: Try mom-and-pop shop tactics

Most customers agree: The best experiences come from mom-and-pop shops. Here are things every organization can learn from them.

Will automation replace the customer service rep?

A growing number of companies will try to replace front-line service professionals with automation. Will they destroy the customer experience in doing so?

Where is customer service best? (Hint: It’s not in the U.S.)

For companies that want to deliver world-class customer service, they’ll need to look beyond the U.S. borders for advice. Service is lagging stateside, new research has found.

What’s the cost of one bad customer experience?

What does one bad customer experience cost your company?

Can you ace the top sales performer test?

Do you have what it takes to be a top seller? And if you don’t, how do you get what it takes? 

Change the sales conversation and watch sales soar

There is a new order to selling.