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Where is customer service best? (Hint: It’s not in the U.S.)

For companies that want to deliver world-class customer service, they’ll need to look beyond the U.S. borders for advice. Service is lagging stateside, new research has found.

Customer satisfaction has sunk: 10 ways to crank it back up

New research found customers are about as unhappy as ever — but there are plenty of ways to improve the customer experience.

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Like an Oscar selfie: Social media can take customer service to new heights

You may never cause the record-breaking re-tweets Ellen DeGeneres did at the Oscars. But if you handle Twitter and other social media well, your customer service will shine like the stars in the now-famous selfie. 

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How to get out of 7 sticky customer situations

You don’t have to work with customers long to realize there will always be some sticky situations around the corner. You may never be able to anticipate those events, but this will help you deal with them.

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Stop using these Facebook posts now!

Facebook has once again changed the algorithm that determines what kind of company posts appear in users’ news feeds — and where they’ll appear. Companies will want to know these details.

12 best practices in social media customer service

If your business isn’t offering some kind of customer service via social media, you’re missing the boat. Research now proves the benefits are lasting and profitable — and who wouldn’t want in on that?

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Social media mistakes that make you look totally stupid

By now, most companies have adopted social media in some form or another. But many of them haven’t quite nailed down how NOT to look like idiots in “social” settings.

Social media: Ignore it at your peril

Research by renown sales experts Jim Keenan and Barbara Giamanco shows that 72.6% of salespeople using social media exceed quotas 23% more often than their peers.

6 worst marketing train wrecks of 2013

Some companies fell flat on their faces in 2013. Here are some whose marketing campaigns went off the rails of good sense for your New Year’s rubbernecking pleasure. 

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Why social media doesn’t help on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You can’t rely on Twitter to bring in the sales — not even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Research proves social media isn’t where all the buzz is.