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9 skills customer service pros need to sell

Your service professionals – who probably have more contact with existing customers than salespeople – are in the perfect position to help boost revenue. Here’s why, plus how to prepare them to do it. 

3 reasons you should never, ever insult your competitors

You know your products and services are the best, and you want to convince your customers of that. Just don’t do it at the expense of your competitors. Here’s why.

5 reasons agents hate to sell – and what you can do about it

Most contact center agents will tell you they were hired to help, not sell. But there are other reasons they’re reluctant – and ways to get around those.

How customer service agents can make sales in 3 steps

Customer service pros need not fear trying to sell. This 3-step plan can help them ease into up- or cross-sells.

Why the contact center holds the key to the company’s success

Contact center agents make a bigger impact on the company’s bottom line than anyone ever imagined. Here’s why.

Yes, you can! How contact center agents can sell a little

Contact center agents don’t have to be great salespeople to make a few sales that help the bottom line. Here are five keys to getting it done.