Customer Experience News & Trends

Solve customer problems and make more sales

The best salespeople don’t try to solve problems for customers. Instead, they solve problems with customers. 

Get better at listening to customers: 10 ways

The single biggest complaint of customers is that salespeople talk too much and don’t listen enough. Poor salespeople dominate the talking, while successful salespeople dominate the listening. 

Some sales strategies no longer work on customers

Traditional selling principles may no longer be effective in today’s business climate, which demands creativity and change. 

How emotional intelligence impacts the way you sell to customers

Some people misdiagnose their sales challenges and work on the wrong problems. They attempt to improve their sales results by focusing on selling skills alone. 

Increase your selling creativity: 8 tips

Everyone can benefit from applying creativity. 

Why Sales shouldn’t focus too much on the competition

Some salespeople have a relentless focus on the competition and use it as a benchmark for comparison. They look at the competition’s products and pricing in an attempt to stay competitive. 

The best ways to find the right decision-makers

One of the most sensitive areas for salespeople is determining whether the prospect has buying authority. You can’t ask them directly, because that has the potential to offend or anger them. 

Mastering the art of the soft sell, hard sell

In selling, as in martial arts, there are times when being aggressive is the only way to close the deal. At other times, a softer approach is the way to go. 

10 truths about dealing with difficult customers

The more you understand about difficult customers, the faster you’ll sell to them. 

2 beliefs of successful salespeople

Most successful salespeople share two beliefs: