Customer Experience News & Trends

Why good isn’t good enough – and how to get better

More than two-thirds of customers say their standards for the customer experience are higher than ever, according to research from Salesforce. They claim today’s experience often isn’t fast, personalized, streamlined or proactive enough for them. Yep, you might have thought that something — not everything! — was wrong. But customers have gripes that run the […] [MORE]

5 reasons B2Bs blow away B2Cs in the customer experience

B2Cs, listen up: New research says you have a lot to learn from B2Bs when it comes to delivering the customer experience.

8 companies that increased business when everyone else blamed the economy

From Main Street to Wall Street, it’s been a tough few years. But some companies never used the economy as an excuse for failed customer experiences. In fact, they grew their businesses. Here’s how.