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Improve customer presentations with these 6 tips

An insight scenario is a brief story about a customer you helped in an emergency using your product or service. 

Increase your selling creativity: 8 tips

Everyone can benefit from applying creativity. 

10 tips to help you connect with customers

Here are 10 tips that will help you connect with prospects and customers:

Why customers buy & why they don’t: The latest research reveals …

Companies increase their chances of closing sales by understanding their customers’ buying processes and the major factors that affect buying decisions. But it’s equally important for them to avoid the mistakes that most customers find objectionable. 

10 truths about dealing with difficult customers

The more you understand about difficult customers, the faster you’ll sell to them. 

9 elements of winning sales presentations

You’re in front of your prospect and he or she is ready to listen to you. Your challenge now is to structure all of your material into a logical, memorable story you can deliver effectively. Here’s what will help:

Great preparation: Keys to closing the sale

Much of what determines whether you win or lose a deal happens before you even get inside the prospect’s office.

Prospects and customers want different things

“The best way to sell prospects is to treat them the same way you treat your customers now.” Some salespeople hear that message so frequently they consider it a basic selling rule. But it’s a major mistake.

4 questions that help close more sales

Here are four questions you want prospects to answer that will bring more sales presentations to a successful close:

Rules for developing winning sales presentations

The first meeting with a prospect may be a do-or-die time for your salespeople. Phone conversations, emails and letters can all be effective tools of persuasion. But face-to-face presentations are the heavy artillery of selling.