Customer Experience News & Trends

Getting the most out of every customer: It’s a matter of metrics

All customers may have been created equal, but they don’t have equal value to you. In fact, some may not be worth your time at all.

Creating demand: The key to thriving in a down economy

The strategy of proving to the prospect that your solutions are better than the competition’s may not work, because demand may evaporate in hard times.  A better step: creating demand.

How — and why — to track your close rate

For starters, salespeople who don’t keep score also don’t work as hard.

Which type of comp plan is best for your business?

Every business is different, which is why one-size-fits-all bonus plans rarely have the desired impact, long-term.

Video: The low-cost marketing trend that pays

More and more companies are making the transition to visual media, because it costs next to nothing and the ROI is substantial.