Customer Experience News & Trends

How customers’ emotions affect the experience

Look beyond satisfied and dissatisfied. There are the four emotions that seriously impact the customer experience.

Time to get serious about social media service

How serious should you be about social media customer service? Consider these numbers and the answer should be easy.

Top 10 reasons customers walk away

Customers are frustrated, and it has them walking away from companies at an alarming rate. Here’s what’s going on now — and how you can save relationships.

The customer journey has changed — yet again

First, the customer experience was described as the classic “sales funnel.” Then, the Internet caused it to morph into the “decision journey.” Now, another change is on the horizon.

The top 3 barriers to delivering great experiences — and how to overcome them

When it comes to delivering great customer experiences, you might be tripping over your own feet.

What customers hate — and love — about online service

As much as customers love the convenience of online service, they hate some of the nuances.

Service so good it makes customers’ hearts pound

You wouldn’t think customer service could be so good it makes customers’ hearts race. But new research shows it happens.

There’s something wrong with this online service tool — and here’s how to fix it

Customers love to browse, learn and get help online. But they don’t always trust what you tell them.

Body language: 5 ways to tell what customers really mean

Customers often say one thing and mean something entirely different — and expect you to satisfy some unsaid need. Fortunately, you can read intent in body language. Here’s what to look for.

Should you allow social media use in the contact center? Research says …

You probably use social media to connect with customers. But should you let contact center employees use it for personal reasons at work, too? Researchers might have the answer for you.