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The No. 1 secret customers won’t share with you

There are seven words that strike fear into the heart of your salespeople.

10 top-notch prospecting techniques for sales pros

It’s imperative to keep the pipeline filled with prospects. As a result, the prospecting process must come to occupy a primary place in a salesperson’s list of priorities if success is to be achieved.

15 things you should never do with customers

You’ve seen — and probably avoided — all the things you should never say to customers. Now it’s time to add to your “what to avoid” list some things you could do that would ruin the customer experience and likely kill the relationship.

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The 5 best ways to sell against established relationships

A well-established relationship can look invincible, but it may not be as secure as it appears, especially during difficult times. Customers are more accessible and open to listening to competitive proposals when the economy is weak. 

What sales reps can do when key customer decision-makers are replaced

In these days of transitions and mergers, it’s not unusual for your key customers to be replaced. But a change in customer decision-makers doesn’t have to mean a lost account. Salespeople who handle buyer changes properly find the accounts can be as profitable as ever.

The 5 quickest ways to run yourself out of business

Treating customers like dirt or selling poor-quality products obviously puts you on the fast track to going out of business. But there are some not-so-obvious mistakes that could lead to you hanging the “Closed” sign in your window.

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