Customer Experience News & Trends

The key ingredients in every customer’s buying decision

No matter how complex your products or services, customers look for four things before making a buying decision. 

What customers really want – and how to deliver it

For everything you do to build relationships with customers, you’ll probably be surprised to see what they really want from you.

Customers upset? Guess what they’ll do next

When customers are upset, are you ready for their next move? This is how to prepare.

7 qualities top closers can all say they have

Even though it’s impossible to replicate what makes a top salesperson perform at such a high level, there are traits many superstars share that other salespeople can use to close more sales. 

5 core principles that form outstanding customer relationships

Business success today is dependent upon developing mutually beneficial relationships that create shared value, solve mutual problems, and get both salespeople and customers to a place of “we” rather than the usual “us vs. them” tug of war.

The No. 1 secret customers won’t share with you

There are seven words that strike fear into the heart of your salespeople.

Love or hate ’em, you have to deal with these 6 tough customers

Customers really are a lot like family: Some are as ornery as Uncle Frank, and some are as indecisive as Grandma Ellen. Love or hate them, you have to handle customers at their best and worst. This is how.

10 words GM wouldn’t use – but you should

General Motors Co. told its people to avoid certain safety related words — and it seriously backfired. Here’s what they wouldn’t say — and why you must be more transparent with your customers. 

The worst question you can ask customers

This one question is probably asked by more salespeople in a given day than any other. It’s a question that may simultaneously prevent sales and destroy customer loyalty. 

10 top-notch prospecting techniques for sales pros

It’s imperative to keep the pipeline filled with prospects. As a result, the prospecting process must come to occupy a primary place in a salesperson’s list of priorities if success is to be achieved.