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2 requirements for sales success

Some salespeople ask the right questions, but fail to listen to the answers. Others ask a lot of questions but not ones that get prospects thinking emotionally and creatively about their needs. Both are huge problems.

Test your sales process with these 10 questions

When was the last time you took a close look at your sales process, starting with lead generation and working right through to the close? It may have become more complex or intricate than it has to be, which may burden prospects with needless, time-wasting activities.

Moving prospects into the closing mood: 4 keys

If your salespeople don’t ask for the order, they won’t get it, no matter how persuasive their presentation has been or how qualified their prospect is. Asking for the order is the payoff for all the work and planning they’ve done to get themselves in front of an interested prospect.

Can your sales staff pass this test?

Every question a salesperson poses to a potential customer should meet at least one of these 12 criteria.