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Want to improve? Ask yourself these 9 questions

When it’s time to improve the customer experience, ask questions before you take action. This guide will help.

Shattering the greatest sales myth of all time

Sales is a numbers game, or so the popular saying goes. If you just make enough calls, have enough meetings, and give enough presentations, you’ll succeed. Best of all, every “no” you hear brings you that much closer to a “yes.” Is this still believable?

10 ways customers will try to lower your prices

Much like sales reps are given tips to overcome customers’ price objections, customers are given strategies to get the lowest prices possible.

How to overcome the ‘status quo’ of customers

If you don’t know how prospects are handling things without your product or service, it becomes a lot more difficult to convince them to work with it. Your prospects don’t want to change how they’re doing things, which makes the “status quo” one of their frequent choices.

16 questions to ask your boss about what you sell

Salespeople have a stream of questions they’re supposed to ask customers. The answers provide info needed to open new accounts or establish long-term relationships. But obtaining internal info is just as critical. 

Questions that close the most sales

Before a customer’s problem can be solved, the salesperson has to understand the customer’s needs. To get the information necessary to understand those needs, the salesperson has to ask the right questions under the correct circumstances.

Power questions your salespeople can ask to build relationships

Sales success usually begins with the ability to ask good questions and then listen — really listen — to the answers. Some salespeople fail to ask the right questions. Others ask the right questions but don’t listen properly to the answers.

The top 10 reasons customers leave

If you know why customers leave, it’s much easier to win them back.

Congrats! You’ve won the chance to ask customers these 3 questions

Salespeople are reminded continually to find out why they lost a sale. But nothing is more important to your future success than finding out why a sale was won – and why a product or service was desired.

4 questions that help close more sales

Here are four questions you want prospects to answer that will bring more sales presentations to a successful close: