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How to overcome the ‘status quo’ of customers

If you don’t know how prospects are handling things without your product or service, it becomes a lot more difficult to convince them to work with it. Your prospects don’t want to change how they’re doing things, which makes the “status quo” one of their frequent choices.

Tapping into 5 emotions that guide customers’ buying decisions

Here are five of the most common emotions that guide prospects’ buying decisions, along with some creative ways for salespeople to tap into each one: 

Snagging customers who already said ‘no’

Prospects who told your salespeople “no” yesterday could be ready to buy today. It all depends on the salesperson’s approach.

Selling to 3 most difficult types of customers

If you can crack these three tough nuts, you’ll be a step ahead of the competitors who probably gave up long ago.

Answer these 3 questions, and you’ll probably make the sale

In today’s cost-conscious marketplace, very few prospects are willing (or able) to agree to a purchase until they know the answers to these make-or-break questions.  

8 principles for finding great prospects

Selling more to existing customers is no longer enough. Successful salespeople make prospecting an essential part of their daily plan — but they have to have a plan to begin with.

Mastering the art of the trial closing

The basic formula for asking prospects to buy is a lot simpler than some salespeople think.

Why ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ is sooooo good for business right now

The simplest ideas are often the best ones. And three recent surveys from Gallup, Yankelovich and BIG Research prove why one of the oldest selling tools in the book is making a major comeback.