Customer Experience News & Trends

Should your customers have an app for you?

Is it time for your customer service to go mobile? This statistic might sway your opinion.

What fast answers online mean to the bottom line

If your contact center can’t answer customers’ questions through online channels quickly, you may be losing more sales than you imagined.

Who really wants online help? The answer will surprise you

Mostly younger customers crave customer service help online, right? Not so fast …

Online service: Good enough isn’t good enough anymore

Online help from your contact center can’t take a back seat anymore. Customers expect more.

Think your online tools are enough?

If you think your online customer service tools are helpful enough, new research suggests you might be mistaken.

4 ways you can use social media to get more customers loving your Service

Social media isn’t just a place where customers can vent about, “like” or “follow” you. It’s an incredible vehicle for getting more customer referrals.

Why do customers want you on social media? (Hint: It’s not the reason you were thinking)

Customers probably don’t want you on social media for the reasons you were thinking. Instead, here’s what researchers found.

The high cost of poor online service

When customers can’t get questions answered or issues resolved online, it could cost you millions.

The top reason customers are looking for you in social media

Surprise: The main reason customers reach out to you in social media isn’t just to chat or vent.

4 tips for delivering better-than-ever online service

The popularity of online service will only grow bigger. Here’s how to stay ahead of the game.