Customer Experience News & Trends

Oh, how times have changed: Customers’ new preferences for getting help

Check your in-box before your voicemail this morning. Here’s why.

Why contact centers find social media difficult

Social media should be easy, right? It’s casual, viral and the hottest thing going. But like any trend (think Hot Pants), it’s a little tougher than that.

How many customers really want your help online?

Your agents are always ready to talk, but most customers would rather never have to call you. Here’s what researchers found.

What makes customers happier — your online or offline service?

What’s better at most companies these days — the help they offer online or offline?

Proof: Your social media touch will boost sales

Keep agents active on social media for your company, and the bottom line will grow. New research finally proves it.

2 things every customer email must have

Email’s convenient, but it can be one of the messiest forms of customer communication. Here are two tactics to avoid awkward exchanges and miscommunications.

What customers want you to put on Facebook (and what you can keep to yourself)

Read this before an agent gets at your company’s Facebook page.

Don’t make this service mistake – putting all your eggs in one basket

Many companies are getting lower customer satisfaction scores because they’ve put almost all of their eggs in one basket. Here’s what’s happened and how to avoid their mistakes.

Choosing the right chat solution for your contact center

Chat isn’t just for the biggest and most advanced contact centers anymore. This guide can help you find the right solution for your contact center – no matter its size.

3 important lessons from a social media trailblazer

As more and more contact centers add social media to their help menus, these lessons from a trailblazer will help.