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Why you need to patch things up quickly with social customers

A customer who prefers using social media often has a sharp tongue and fast fingers. here’s why you need to respond quickly.

Why you don’t need to worry (too much) about online complaints

Customers complain online more these days, but you might not have to worry about it so much.

Why you need to respond to online complaints right now

No one can escape online complaints these days. What’s good about those complainers is you can easily turn them into loyal customers.

Who’s complaining online – and who’s not

Are your customers the most likely these days to post their complaints online – and not give you a chance to fix their issues? Find out here.

Online bitc#!ng: What to do when customers post their complaints

Customers don’t just raise their voice with complaints on the phone anymore. They’re louder and clear with online complaints, too. Here’s how to handle those very public gripes.