Customer Experience News & Trends

When customers want self-service — and when they don’t

If you’ve been pushing customers to self-service for most things — even if they seem to want it — you might want to reconsider that strategy.

Rage is on the rise: What should customer service pros do about it?

Rage is a rising occupational hazard for customer service professionals, according to new research. Here’s what they can do about it.

The problems with personalization – and how to avoid them

Personalization is the talk of the town in the customer experience industry. But it has its limits and drawbacks, new research shows. 

The one thing customers care more about than their problems

When customers have a problem, you’d think that would be the main thing they cared about. But new research suggests one thing is more important.

Why customer engagement matters — and how to make it better in 2017

What impresses customers more than anything? More than 90% of customers agree that it’s …

Building ’emotional connections’ could be the most important thing you do this year

If you aren’t using emotional connections to build customer loyalty, you’re wasting time, according to new research.

Why customers say your relationship with them is on the rocks

The customer relationship is floundering — and customers say this is the reason why …

The 5 levels of customer commitment — and what really drives loyalty

Customer commitment could be compared to beauty — only skin deep. Fortunately, you can build a stronger relationship and loyalty from there.

Social media’s impact on the buying experience now

Social media has a bigger impact on customers’ decisions to buy than ever. Are you capitalizing on the opportunities this presents?

A nation of Serial Switchers: 6 top reasons customers leave

Customers walk away from businesses at an alarming rate these days — and it’s mostly for the same reasons. This is why you’re losing customers — and how you can prevent them from defecting.

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