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Match your sales style to your customer’s buying style: How to boost sales

Some salespeople undervalue the impact of behavioral styles on selling. They use the same approach in every negotiation and are surprised when they don’t get the results they expect.

Strategies for negotiating with tough customers

Negotiating in times like these can be difficult, as customers seem to hold all of the cards, unless you have strategies for shuffling the deck.

How to use the ‘6 Laws of Persuasion’

Whether you’re dealing with prospects or employees, most negotiations are won by those who understand – and know how to leverage – these six laws, outlined in Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion:

5 keys to winning negotiations with cost-conscious buyers

Budgets are tight, and competition is tighter. Right now, most buyers feel like you need their business more than they need you. But here are five ways to turn the tables and create an atmosphere where they’re bargaining based on your terms.