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6 tips to follow before a negotiation begins

How can you expect to get to “yes” in negotiations if you haven’t gotten to “yes” with yourself prior to the negotiation? Saying “yes” to yourself with compassion has to come before negotiating with customers. 

15 tips customers are getting about negotiating with you

Purchasing managers are being given the following tips on how they can get a better price in negotiations. This information can help you determine how to better approach customer communications and sales. 

15 tips for creating successful negotiations

Preparation is the only aspect of negotiations over which you have complete control. If you’re not prepared for a negotiation, you give the other side an unearned advantage. 

The key to successful customer negotiations: SWOT

Performing a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) before a negotiation can help lead to a successful outcome. Combining the customer’s strengths and opportunities could give you key leverage points to offer creative ideas while selling your products or services. 

6 steps to take before negotiating with customers

How can you expect to get to “yes” in negotiations with customers if you haven’t gotten to “yes” with yourself prior to the negotiation? 

Become a better negotiator: 3 tips

The better prepared you are going into a negotiation, the greater your chances of success. Here are three tips for preparing for a negotiation: 

5 keys to a successful negotiation

When negotiating with customers, your doubts can be your worst enemies. 

13 tips from skilled negotiators

Those skilled at the art of customer negotiations have a wide range of behavioral profiles and are flexible in their approach. 

Best practices in handling customers stall tactics

It happens to every front-line sales or service rep sooner or later: The prospect may want and need your product or service, but isn’t willing to commit despite your best efforts. 

‘15 reasons I won’t buy from you’

A recent survey pinpointed 15 reasons why prospects said they decided not to buy from a specific salesperson.