Customer Experience News & Trends

5 ways to boost morale, performance in a contact center

The best customer service comes from people who are excited to work and happy to help. Here’s how you can motivate the people who work with customers.

16 unbelievable sacrifices your employees will make for 10% raise

When employees are happier, customers tend to be happier. And the key to employee happiness is usually their wallets. So here are some colorful examples of just how badly employees want to make a little more money. 

7 customers you want to fire in 2016

Firing customers might seem unthinkable. But giving the boot to some customers could actually help your bottom line.

Why contact center reps are flaming out

Burn out isn’t what it used to be — and contact center leaders need to prepare staff to avoid or get over the newest challenges they face. Here’s what to watch for and how to help.

5 ways to keep customer service heroes happy

Research continues to show that customers prefer talking to someone when they have a problem. So companies need to have great customer service heroes on the front line, ready to deliver a “wow” experience. But keeping the heroes in place can sometimes be a big challenge. 

The top 10 things customer service pros need to be successful in 2015

If you want service pros to deliver really great customer experiences, start by doing more of the things they want. Good news: They aren’t asking for much.

What do customer service employees really want for the holidays?

Customer service professionals work hard all year to keep your customers happy. Now’s probably a good time to reward them for that. But are you on target with what they really want?

4 signs employees are stressed – and not making customers happy

Some might argue that working with customers all day is the most challenging job there is. And that’s why customer service professionals are at the biggest risk for stress and burnout.

5 incredibly unique ways to reignite customer service staff

Whether it’s the end of your fiscal year or the start of your busy season, there’s a good chance your customer service staff is feeling burned out. No fear! There are unique ways to reignite them.

What to do after you get the brunt of a customer’s fury

What customer service reps do after tough encounters with customers may be as important as how they handle them.