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6 worst marketing train wrecks of 2013

Some companies fell flat on their faces in 2013. Here are some whose marketing campaigns went off the rails of good sense for your New Year’s rubbernecking pleasure. 

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The 5 quickest ways to run yourself out of business

Treating customers like dirt or selling poor-quality products obviously puts you on the fast track to going out of business. But there are some not-so-obvious mistakes that could lead to you hanging the “Closed” sign in your window.

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2 costly mistakes that end selling careers

The single biggest complaint of professional purchasers is that salespeople talk too much and don’t listen enough. 

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7 business decisions that will ruin the customer experience

Knowing what to do to keep customers happy is only half the battle. Customer experience leaders need to know what not to do. These are those bad decisions – and how to avoid them. 

7 things customers don’t ‘Like’ about your Facebook page

If there was such a thing as the “Dislike” button, customers would be sure to hit it if your company was guilty of any of the top seven Facebook business blunders.

How J.C. Penney failed customers: 3 ways to avoid its mistakes

In an effort to innovate, J.C. Penney alienated. Customers left in droves, and the retailer taught other businesses valuable lessons in the customer experience.

10 ways to recover from a major mistake

No matter how angry or upset they are, customers know that occasional mistakes are bound to happen. And what they’re watching for is how you handle them.

Horrible advertising mistakes made by 5 big companies

An advertisement is supposed to attract attention — but not this kind of attention.

Making sure social networking doesn’t backfire on you

Social networking’s become a popular sales and marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s using it correctly. Used incorrectly, it could actually

Helping your salespeople recover after a major mistake

No matter how angry or upset they are, customers know that mistakes are bound to happen. What they’re watching for is how your salespeople handle the the problem.