Customer Experience News & Trends

Are you making one of these strategic customer service mistakes?

You can have the very best people and products, but if your service strategy is off the mark, the customer experience is bound to break down.

6 costly blunders when communicating with customers

There’s one problem at the root of most customer issues: miscommunication. Eliminate many of the missteps in communication, and you can improve customer experiences.

5 customer service fails you need to avoid

You don’t have to fail to learn hard lessons in how to make the customer experience better. Take lessons from other companies’ major customer service fails.

5 ways your customer experience might be hurting sales

The ideal experience motivates customers to buy again. Yet, many companies’ practices and policies discourage loyalty. Do you commit any of these common mistakes?

The 10 best stories of 2015

In case you missed any of them, we wanted to draw your attention to the best Customer Experience Insight stories of 2015 before the year is out. They’re worth sharing with anyone who deals directly with customers. 

Top 6 responses customers hate when they want help

It shouldn’t be a surprise that customers want a seamless experience when they do business. Still, they complain that companies just don’t deliver it. What’s the problem?

5 costly blunders that make customers leave

Customers leave because they aren’t happy about how they’ve been treated. But what are those little — and sometimes big — things that take them over the edge?

8 mistakes that will cost you sales

Understanding what’s going on inside the customer’s head is more important than anything else you’re trying to accomplish. Thinking like a customer isn’t just an interesting option – it’s a requirement.

‘You’re fired’ – and 9 other things you should never say in email

Whether you’re sending email to customers or colleagues, some things should never be said in those messages. Just ask Microsoft.

What to do when the customer is completely wrong

The customer isn’t always right. But the customer is always the customer — so when he’s wrong, you have to respond carefully.