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3 ways to improve customer experience with a local touch

According to Gartner, customer experience is one of the top three areas of marketing investment, proving that those sharing your market space already have their eyes on the prize. One great way to enhance the customer experience is through content localization – or adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is […] [MORE]

Should your marketing message be clear or clever? Here’s help

When you want customers to remember your message, should you be clever?

The sweet spot: 7 things millennials want from email, how to give it all to them

Millennials are notoriously complex customers — they’re digitally savvy and one of the most highly engaged and social demographics to date. In short, they can represent the most ideal and frustrating customer segment all rolled into one. 

Surprise: This is biggest influence on customers’ decisions to buy

Ever order a sandwich because your friend or spouse did, and it just sounded good? That simple act could be the best lesson you’ve ever had in why customers buy — and how you can get them to buy more.

4 social customer service myths – and how to move past them

Only big companies can do social customer service well, right? Wrong. That’s just one social service myth we need to debunk.

Powerful, low-cost marketing tactics you can try today

Getting customers to know your name and good service reputation can bolster sales and delight more customers. That’s where marketing can make the difference. 

5 time-worn, offline marketing tactics that still pay off

Forget sexy and mobile. With so much emphasis on Internet, social and mobile marketing, we’ve lost sight of some tried-and-true tactics that still work amazingly well.

6 worst marketing train wrecks of 2013

Some companies fell flat on their faces in 2013. Here are some whose marketing campaigns went off the rails of good sense for your New Year’s rubbernecking pleasure. 

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5 signs your service secretly stinks (and how to fix it)

Customers know bad service in an instant. But to those of us directing the customer experience, bad service can be harder to spot.

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Marketing gold: 5 extremely profitable tweets

Making money on social media sites is no longer fantasy — it’s reality. Some have even found ways to strike it rich.