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4 reasons customers dump you – and how to prevent it

Customers are surrounded by options – even in the confines of their homes and home offices. But they’ll only dump you if you make one of these missteps. Commit these, and you can lose good customers. Of course, you likely try to avoid it. Yet, it happens. “Every single day, businesses lose people they’d like […] [MORE]

6 ways to reconnect with customers

Many customers are out of the habit of doing business. They haven’t interacted with companies – and their employees – for some time. Now it’s time to reconnect. 

5 signs a customer needs to go – and how to do it tactfully

Recognizing customers who need to go is usually easy. Deciding when – and how – to sever ties is a tougher task. Here’s help. 

Get chat right: 7 steps to better ‘conversations’

Chat used to be for bigger companies with bigger budgets and staff. Not anymore. Nearly every customer service team can – and should – offer chat. After all, it’s what customers want.