Customer Experience News & Trends

How customers have changed – and how you want to respond

The world recoiled from doing business in the midst of the coronavirus. Now you need to get back to business – and reengage your customers. Here’s expert advice on how to do it. 

Show your warts! Customers buy more, stay loyal when they know the downside

Go ahead, take the warts-and-all approach to winning and keeping customers. Researchers say it’s the better way. 

The customers who need your personal help most

Some customers need your attention more than others – and helping them will ensure your company succeeds. 

Researchers say you purposely make customer service bad!

Hold on tight, customer experience professionals: New research says you purposely give bad customer service. And it may be right! 

The best – and worst – words to use with customers

Don’t say another word to customers until you read this: Researchers have found the best – and worst – language to use with customers. 

Web ads: Worth the expense?

Web surfers my grumble about those ads scattered across their favorite Internet sites, but those same surfers tend to click on the ads, too. A new study shows that