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4 surefire ways to prove your confidence

Customers need agents to be confident so they know they’ll be well taken care of. Here are three ways to exude that kind of confidence.

Jargon gone bad: 15 words you need to stop using now

Feel free to “touch base,” “reach out,” “shift the paradigm” or start “drinking the Kool-Aid.” Just don’t tell everyone you’re doing it.

3 traits of enormously successful contact centers

Most contact centers break even – in customer satisfaction and on the books. Then there are those that are enormously successful. Here’s what puts them ahead of the pack.

7 things that kill customer satisfaction

Most customers still call the contact center. This is what drives customers crazy about making those calls.

2 nasty habits that may jeopardize your credibility

Some habits may jeopardize your career advancement. Here are the worst offenders.

No money? No problem! Motivate with these 3 no-cost tactics

Morale is down, but it doesn’t take cash to bring it up again.