Customer Experience News & Trends

Why employing a slacker is worse than you imagined

Your resident slacker may be causing a lot more havoc on the customer experience than you thought. Research found the person’s lazy ways are a serious threat to satisfaction.

Why a laser-sharp focus on the bottom line hurts the bottom line

Every sales and customer service pro has to keep an eye on the bottom line. But an over-emphasis on doing so may be harmful to the health of your business and customer relationships.

3 reasons Zappos’ customer service is better than yours

Zappos is mentioned in nearly every conversation there is about great customer service. How is that even possible, considering customers never see its employees, it has no storefront and it sells a product (shoes) that’s sold everywhere? 

4 best ways to reward customer-facing employees

Any employee who deals with customers on a regular basis has probably earned a ticket straight to Heaven. But you still have to reward them well now for all the thankless work they do.

Why you need to take a break after a nightmare customer

Agents: If you don’t take a break after dealing with a nightmare customer, everyone suffers. Here’s what researchers found.