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Where is customer service best? (Hint: It’s not in the U.S.)

For companies that want to deliver world-class customer service, they’ll need to look beyond the U.S. borders for advice. Service is lagging stateside, new research has found.

Why must the experience be better than anything else you do?

If your pleas for more customer experience support fall on deaf ears, you’ll want to drop this stat on the powers-that-be ASAP.

Where will your next customer experience idea come from? Probably not you

If you want to know where to invest time and money to improve the customer experience, there is one thing you want to seriously consider now:

Short words you should not use with customers

In business, we often need to speed up conversations and transactions with customers. But some conversation shortcuts just shouldn’t be used.

The art of email: How to write effectively, professionally

With the demise of letters and direct mail, email could be the most formal business communication we use these days. So it better look good. Follow these guidelines for writing email customers will appreciate.

7 customer communication rules that should be revisited

Business relationships are more threatened than enhanced by technology. Here’s why every customer experience professional needs to revisit some business communication rules.

‘You’re fired’ – and 9 other things you should never say in email

Whether you’re sending email to customers or colleagues, some things should never be said in those messages. Just ask Microsoft.

Love or hate ’em, you have to deal with these 6 tough customers

Customers really are a lot like family: Some are as ornery as Uncle Frank, and some are as indecisive as Grandma Ellen. Love or hate them, you have to handle customers at their best and worst. This is how.

5 signs a customer’s email is riddled with lies

Customer relationships are increasingly becoming electronically based. And every once in a while, customers will tell a fib or two via email or online to make their complaints or problems more compelling. Here’s how to spot those digital lies — and react to them.

Customer satisfaction has sunk: 10 ways to crank it back up

New research found customers are about as unhappy as ever — but there are plenty of ways to improve the customer experience.

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