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How to combine email and social media for better customer experiences

Most companies use email and social media to connect with customers. Combine the two, and you can maximize the customer experience. 

5 ways to make all of your email top notch

It’s not easy to get customers’ full attention through email. But it’s possible if you follow these five proven strategies.

2 things every customer email must have

Email’s convenient, but it can be one of the messiest forms of customer communication. Here are two tactics to avoid awkward exchanges and miscommunications.

How many customers look for help online before they call you?

Your contact center could avoid a lot of call and email volume if your website were more helpful.

Send email without flaw

Email is about the fastest way to communicate with customers these days – and because of that speed it’s often riddled with embarrassing errors. Here’s how to avoid them.

Benchmark set: Do you respond fast enough to customers?

A handful of big companies have slashed wait times and impressed customers. Are you near the benchmark they’ve set?

Why immediately responding to email is a bad idea

Here’s why you don’t want agents immediately responding to email.