Customer Experience News & Trends

How to keep the customer experience exceptional through COVID-19

Your customer experience may be different through the coronavirus pandemic, but it doesn’t have to be worse. Here’s help to sustain a great experience for your customers. 

4 ways to make your customer service center ‘greener’

Serving customers while keeping an eye on the bottom line and the environment might become the new battle cry of customer service centers. 

Can you keep customers happy on a budget? 3 ways it’s been done

Can you cut costs and still keep customers happy? New research and proven tactics show how it has been done.

Is he angry or not? Software may answer it for you

Imagine if you knew a customer was angry before you even had contact with him: You’d be better prepared to handle the situation, right? Now you might be able to do just that.

4 ways to keep your contact center green (and lean!)

Recycling bins are a nice effort to be green, but they won’t save your company money like these quick steps.