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Your company making this fatal planning flaw?

For decades, companies have insisted upon forecasting as a method of planning for almost every department. New research reveals that could be costing companies more than it’s earning them. 

3 best practices your sales force needs in 2012

If “increase sales” occupies a spot on your organization’s 2012 to-do list, there’s brand new information you need to know about.

The warning signs of a double-dip recession?

Four years ago, the signs of an imminent recession came barreling over the horizon. Having seen them once, are we about to enter the same situation again? 

3 lessons every company can learn from the Netflix debacle

When Netflix recently decided to change its pricing model, it set off a chain reaction that could ultimately result in the loss of nearly 3 million customers.

Don’t let your salespeople see this

Some experts think you should fire a third of your sales force —  and that you should make it an annual practice. 

5 industries that are ready to BOOM!

With so much talk about tough times and tight budgets, these five industries are in a position to thrive — and maybe become your customers:

Why ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ is sooooo good for business right now

The simplest ideas are often the best ones. And three recent surveys from Gallup, Yankelovich and BIG Research prove why one of the oldest selling tools in the book is making a major comeback.

Recession marketing: Does it really pay to resist cutbacks?

Have you heard this one before: “Companies that don’t cut back on marketing during a recession come out ahead of the competition”?

Sharpening your Web site for best effect

The down economy has many thinking this is an ideal time to use Web sites to steal customers from weakened competition. Consider planning to keep these areas of your online strategy sharp to ward off rivals.