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The 5 best customer experience stories … ever

We present to you the five most popular stories ever published on Customer Experience Insight: 

4 special ways to show customers you care

Most customers who leave you do it for the same general reason: They didn’t feel cared for.

10 ways to construct a customer pipeline

The life force of sales is a strong pipeline that’s flowing with prospective customers. Without a pipeline of prospects, it’s difficult to have long-term growth or proper short-term results. Creating one is a two-step process. 

11 phrases that make unhappy customers smile again

Upset customers present a unique opportunity to customer experience professionals. It’s your chance to shine, turning things around for that person and your business relationship. The best part: It can be done just by saying the right thing.

6 signs customers will walk – and how to win them back

Most customers put up red flags before they quit you, but many companies ignore them. Here’s what to watch for and how to win back their loyalty.

5 customers you should probably dump … now

Some customers hinder business more than they help it. No experience will make them happy — and you’re probably better off firing them.

Trash-talking customer loyalty: 5 ways to win it

Would customers talk trash in your defense? That’s the kind of loyalty sports teams get — and you might be able to achieve that level of devotion, too.

4 ways you haven’t thought of yet to win back lost customers

Customers who’ve dumped you are not a lost cause. You can win them back at almost any point, but the faster you start courting them again, the more likely you are to get them to come back happily.

4 reasons customers leave – and how to keep them happy

When customers walk out on you, you can bet they talk, too — to friends, colleagues and family. And you can bet they won’t say the nicest things about you, either. This is how to prevent the walk and the (negative) talk.

The top reason customers leave – and what you can do about it

Nearly half of the customers who dump you each year do it for the same reason. This is where you’ve failed them: