Customer Experience News & Trends

4 ways to improve how you listen to (and help) customers

Listen better, help better. It seems easy, yet listening – truly listening – can be difficult. Here’s help to listen well and make the customer experience better. 

Stop working so hard to gain customer loyalty: Average efforts are enough

Good news: Good service is good enough. 

What customers want now: How to exceed their 5 biggest expectations

Customers want more than ever, and many companies struggle to keep up with their newest expectations. Here’s help understanding — and exceeding — those expectations. 

5 keystones to customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is hard-won these days. But consistently practicing the keystones of customer service will help maintain loyalty.

What the holidays will do to customer expectations — and how to prepare

You don’t have to be in retail to feel the effects of changing customer expectations due to the holiday season. Here’s what your customers want now.

5 ways the government shutdown can improve your customer experience

The recent government shutdown irked nearly every citizen in one way or another – something no good business ever wants to do to its customers. So there are plenty of things smart customer experience professionals like you can learn from the government’s shutdown.

How Siri makes your customer experience look bad

She’s cute, has a soothing voice, seems to know it all – and makes your customer experience look bad.

8 customer expectations – and ways salespeople can exceed them

Most salespeople would agree with these two points: Customer loyalty is the key to long-term sales success, and exceeding customer expectations is the best way of achieving it.

How companies are screwing up the customer experience

Most companies are more talk than action when it comes to improving the customer experience, new research found.