Customer Experience News & Trends

Who talks more and louder – happy or dissatisfied customers?

You did a great job with one customer today and a not-so-great job with another yesterday. Who do you think will talk about the experience more?

3 ways good customer service gets derailed

No one in the contact center intends to derail good customer service, but it happens. Here’s how to avoid three setbacks.

Why you don’t need to worry (too much) about online complaints

Customers complain online more these days, but you might not have to worry about it so much.

When customers talk about you, how do they do it?

Customers are spreading the word about their good and bad experiences with you. But how are they doing it?

3 signs customers will walk – and how to stop them

Customers give signs they’re about to dump you. Here’s how to read them and react.

How you can get some of the most candid customer feedback ever

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best when it comes to getting customer feedback. A newly expanded online service can likely help.

Why customers don’t complain – and why you should get them to do it

If customers don’t complain, they’re happy right? Wrong. Here’s why they don’t complain and why it’s a bigger problem for contact centers.