Customer Experience News & Trends

Why you must be ready to answer the phone

Pick up the phone! The customer experience still hinges on your willingness and readiness to take their calls.

How to change the customer conversation to close more sales

Sales conversations have changed dramatically.

Should you be on social media more? Depends on the age of your customers

The age of the majority of your customers can help determine how much time your contact center agents should spend on social media. Here’s help to figure it out.

Jargon gone bad: 15 words you need to stop using now

Feel free to “touch base,” “reach out,” “shift the paradigm” or start “drinking the Kool-Aid.” Just don’t tell everyone you’re doing it.

5 phrases that kill customer loyalty

Say the right thing the wrong way, and customer loyalty may suffer. Say the wrong thing, and loyalty will die. Here’s what to avoid.

In a conversation that’s going nowhere? Try one of these 4 strategies

When a conversation with a customer seems to be going nowhere fast, try one of these approaches to getting something accomplished.

10 most irritating phrases

Customers and colleagues alike don’t care for these phrases.

You said what? How to get out of hot water

You said something to a customer or co-worker that you wish you didn’t. Now what?