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Why you need a customer appreciation strategy – and how to build a great one

Sure, you appreciate your customers. But do you have a strategy for showing that customer appreciation? Here’s why you need one – and five ways to get it going.

4 inexpensive – yet priceless – holiday gifts for your customers

You probably want to thank, and maybe even reward, customers this holiday season. Here are four inexpensive ideas that will feel priceless to customers.

8 fast and sincere ways to thank your customers

Customers give you their business throughout the year — and, yes, you probably thank them during transactions. But recognizing their loyalty in a special way will help you build goodwill for the coming year. 

Customers upset? Guess what they’ll do next

When customers are upset, are you ready for their next move? This is how to prepare.

The right way to say ‘thanks’ to customers

A quick “thank you” at the end of interactions with customers isn’t always the appropriate way to show appreciation. Here’s what works best.

You’ll lose 30% of customers this year – unless agents do this

Just think: About one in three customers you talk to today will walk away this year. Fortunately, you can do something to prevent it.