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Why customers buy & why they don’t: The latest research reveals …

Companies increase their chances of closing sales by understanding their customers’ buying processes and the major factors that affect buying decisions. But it’s equally important for them to avoid the mistakes that most customers find objectionable. 

The difference between manipulation and persuasion – and why you need to care

When salespeople manipulate, they are doing something for their benefit. When they persuade, they are doing something for the mutual benefit of their prospects, customers and themselves. 

9 stupid ways to lose credibility with customers

Customers never forget the stupid things you do. So here are the most common — and avoidable — things that hurt the customer experience.

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Do you have the No. 1 skill needed to sell today?

Today’s salespeople have to learn a variety of selling skills that weren’t even thought of 10 years ago. But despite all the changes in technology, one selling skill continues to be more important than all the others combined. 

5 things customers want from their salesperson

What customers look for from a salesperson today is a lot different than what they wanted just a few years go.