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When you catch the competition lying: 5 appropriate responses

What used to be a last resort for struggling salespeople is happening too often in today’s competitive marketplace: competitors blatantly misrepresenting the capabilities of their products or, worst of all, making false comments about your products or services.

Landing corporate clients: 3 ways small firms can beat the competition

Between fierce competition and across-the-board spending cuts, it’s become increasingly difficult for small businesses to get those lucrative corporate accounts. But the right approach can give you an edge.

3 ways to rescue a sale that’s slipping away

Top closers are able to rescue wounded deals with this three-step approach.

Sales and service in a tough economy: 3 areas to focus on

Three strategic areas that will play a key role in determining whether your sales will thrive or only survive in this changing economy.

7 ways to turn inquiries into sales

Someone contacts your company requesting info about your product or service. What comes next is crucial to turning an inquiry into a sale.

When a customer mentions the competition

Never mentioning the competition is an old selling rule that has some merit. But what should you do if your prospect brings up the competition?

Do potential customers know why you’re different?

Prospects want to hear specifics about why your product or service is better. Here are four categories that may help you prove your claims against the competition:

Your advantage in a weak economy — if you play your cards right

A well-established relationship can look invincible, but it may not be as secure as it appears, especially during difficult times. Customers are more accessible and open to listening to competitive proposals when the economy is weak.

7 mistakes that lose sales

Which ones are your salespeople making?

7 ways to keep competitors from stealing your business

One of the key issues today is taking business away from the competition. What’s true for you is also true for your competitors.